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Please support Ian's ongoing campaign to raise awareness of, & CHALLENGE, the Globalist rush towards 'Rampant Corportatism' ... if this inhuman agenda continues unabated, WE will be condemning future generations to lives of unimaginable abject misery.




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Started: 07.03.13

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Fort Collins Bans Fracking, Industry Exposed in Two Reports
The city of Fort Collins, Colorado banned natural gas fracking.
Date Added: 08.03.13 Visits: 2084
Michiganís 21 million-gallon frack job: a national record?
Michigan may have set a national record for allowing Encana Oil & Gas USA to frack a natural gas well with over 21 million gallons of water.
H2O will become the next commodity to be sequestered by the Global Corporatists!
Date Added: 08.03.13 Visits: 2014
Wherever Fracking Goes, Death and Injuries Follow
A composite map showing that injuries and death have followed shale fracking wherever it has gone.
Date Added: 08.03.13 Visits: 1932
Fracking Causes Earthquakes
Fracking Causes Earthquakes
Date Added: 06.12.13 Visits: 1785
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