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Please support Ian's ongoing campaign to raise awareness of, & CHALLENGE, the Globalist rush towards 'Rampant Corportatism' ... if this inhuman agenda continues unabated, WE will be condemning future generations to lives of unimaginable abject misery.




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Water Firms Fear Fracking

In July of this year 2013, water companies claimed that fracking will raise the risk of water shortages and could contaminate water supplies. Water UK, which represents all of the major water suppliers demanded an urgent meeting with shale companies to discuss it's fears.

Questions included: How the water will be supplied to the fracking sites and how the waste water could be "toxic to bacteria used in the treatment process" and could therefore only be treated at " larger urban waste water treatment plants".

A spokesperson for shale gas firm Cuadrilla said that it "has robust safety measures in place" to prevent water contamination; the "extremely rare" incidents in the United States being caused by "bad practice"
Source: Waterline Autumn 2013.

Its not just about the danger of contamination to the drinking water supply.

The bacteria in the sewage treatment works plays an integral role in breaking down the waste (jobbies, poos whatever you want to call it) and if they get wiped out.... the sh*t really quite literally will hit the fan and cause one helluva stink.

Frackers get the frack off our land.

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